4 Highly Effective Alternatives To Jumping Into Peoples DMs

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We’ve all been there...

A random friend request which once accepted is followed immediately by a sales pitch for their amazing beauty products or life changing training course.

Not only can this be rude and unwanted (who says you want weight loss support?!)

It can also be super frustrating- who do they think they are? They know nothing about you?!

A lot of people do this because they are told to by the companies they sell products for whilst others do it out of sheer desperation - they have no idea what else to do.

Whatever their motivations do them a favour and point them in the direction of some alternative options - share the link to this article

Then maybe together we can end the lazy DM slide and help create mutually beneficial conversations instead...

Here’s My top 4 suggestions about what to do instead of an unsolicited slide into peoples DMs...

1. Grow your audience organically beyond the “daily adds” that most people do by teaming up with others who ‘serve’ the same people as you then:

  • Do an offer together- give away competition etc
  • Provide value with a talk in their group, interview on their podcast or write an article or post for their audience
  • Agree to make referrals (either as a mutually beneficial arrangement or for a ‘kick back’)

Ideally you want to focus on working with someone who has a different audience to yourself- no point trying to grow your audience with people who already know you.

This is just one of the many ways you can reach more people without resorting to sleazy tactics, have a go at jotting down other ways to reach your ideal customer and give it a go. 

2. Generate interest in what you offer: 

  • Put out a testimonial post and ask who would like a similar outcome- interact with these people and find out more about how you can help them
  • Share your knowledge on a live
  • Offer to answer questions with a Q&A session on your profile or share your knowledge in someone else's group in return for being able to tell people where they can find out more (pointing them in the direction of your page, profile or website)

Basically give value without pouncing on them with a ‘sales offer’ - reserving your sales conversation for those who are interested instead of selling to anyone with a pulse, not everyone is going to be your ideal customer.

So let people “step forwards” to show they are interested, then you can find out more about them and sell to them.

3. Be selective with who you approach and the resources you have.
Instead of a blanket approach take your time to interact with someone, get to know and understand them, if you truly think you can help them then offer them a free cheat sheet/ check list/ basic helpful resource you think could help and see if they accept it/ want it.
If they don’t want it then they aren’t ready...so back off and let them get to know you a little more and approach you for more information. 

  • Remember sales is like dating, don’t be too full on or desperate, instead take your time, value yourself and what you have to offer. Think about how your interactions with your ideal customer might make them feel.
  • Be patient, make it as easy as possible, with regular and consistent posting, to enable potential customers to get to know you and what you do.
  • Make it as easy as possible for people to buy from you but keep your posts varied- don’t just sell, sell, sell.

4. Stay true to yourself.
Don’t do anything you wouldn’t be prepared to say or do in-front of a close friend, use your own words and keep to your own morals whatever someone else might say.

  • Your integrity and self respect are worth far more than a sale.
  • Share your knowledge and passion- it’s contagious,
  • If you’re not passionate about what you sell then you are selling the wrong thing!

You have your own moral compass and ‘sleaze scale’ - I liken it to the chilli scale, use this internal information to guide you on what you are prepared to do and you will attract your ideal customer who not only will you enjoy working with but who you can also get great results for. 

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