The Best Ever Sales Advice For Destroying Sales, Demonising Yourself & Skyrocketing Refunds

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Years ago as a novice sales woman I got a piece of advice from my then manager that I’ll never forget…

“Sarah, you need to be more like Mark, he’s such a great salesman, he backs people into a corner so they can’t get out of it!”

I felt my blood boil…

Couldn't believe what I was hearing!

This is the exact reason people feel that sales is a dirty word.

Who backs people into a corner, and more importantly how is that good sales?

Here’s the scary thing...

Mark’s refund rate was shockingly high and his customer base did their utmost never to sit down with him, so he struggled to build meaningful relationships.

Not to mention the ethical implications of such manipulations.

I ignored the advice…

And I’m so glad I did, as tempting as it was to force the sale I refused to do it.

Instead within 3 months my territory was the highest performing for my product range… My sales figures dwarfed Mark’s and suddenly my manager was interested in how I’d done it...

You see good sales isn’t about backing people into a corner.

It’s not about getting the sale at all costs.

It’s an exchange of energy and services. It’s giving people what they want, and need, in order to achieve their deepest desires.

That’s why most sales work from either pleasure or pain… Because people want to move away from pain and into pleasure.

Sales doesnt have to be sleazy or high pressure…

Does that stuff work?

Yes of course

Unfortunately, what happens when you use these high pressure tactics is the refund rate goes through the roof.

Equally if it’s not naturally you, you end up making less sales because you have to force something.

I teach people how to sell in your own style, so you’re comfortable with selling, you enjoy the process and so does your customer.

I do this by creating a sales system that work with your style.

Not using spammy tactics that involve fake scarcity, fear and pressure.

We’ve all made sales that felt so natural, they just easily progressed from one to another.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could bottle that feeling?

Make every sale as easy and natural, without using any spammy tactics.

Enjoying more money and ethically growing your business.

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