5 simple steps to getting more sales immediately in less than 6 minutes

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Sales doesn’t have to be sleazy or awkward…

Wanted to show you how easy it can be done, here’s my top 5 tips for turning the

If you're making the selling interaction a pain and so people buy… They aren't buying the product they’re literally saying yes to get away from the painful interaction.

People often struggle with sales because you think by offering your service you’re becoming ‘one of them’ pushy sales people.

It couldn't be more the opposite, if you’re offering a quality service it’s your duty to make people aware of what it can do for your prospects life.

Want to convert more customers?

Of course you do…

Here’s 5 ways to instantly (and ethically) improve your sales conversions

1. LISTEN… It’s the number 1 skill in selling…

Everyone is different and understanding what motivates that particular person will help you demonstrate how your product helps.

By understanding their hopes they’ll be WAY more engaged with what you’re selling because it helps them in a way that suits them most.

2. Have an aim…

How can you get to your destination if you don’t know where it is? Understand exactly what you want to achieve out of each interaction…

Another call, sale, deposit? The goal doesn't matter, but knowing it does!

3. Sell the customer what they want…

Sounds crazy simple, but it’s true. People buy things they actually want…

Most products do a lot of different things…

Highlight how your product helps them the most and the sale will seem much easier…

This goes back to point 2, if you haven’t listened there’s no way you’d know what they want!

4. Be prepared to get uncomfortable

I’m not talking about dressing up in leather or spandex…

Sales can be uncomfortable, especially if you haven't done a lot of it. Be prepared to get questions and challenges…

In the industry they’re called objections and they’re a good thing - show your prospect is interested.

Have answers prepared so you can easily overcome their concerns.

5. Agree next steps so you both walk away with actions and a timescale to get back into contact.

It’s amazing how many people don’t do this final part. By agreeing next steps and timescales it removes that awkwardness around following up - because you know exactly when you’re going to call.

Sales doesn’t have to be dirty to be effective…

In fact it is MORE effective if you focus on the MOST important person.. Your customer.

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