Why giving up is a MUST

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If what you’re doing isn’t working then you need to do something different.


Hello everybody, and welcome to today’s podcast blog. Today I’m going to be talking about a business update. It’s yet another storm that we’re having this week, which over in the UK, we’ve started naming them over the last few years, which makes me even more exciting. I’m not sure if there’s supposed to be a certain level or something to achieve that, but we now have different names for our storms, becoming very Americanized.

What has been going on with Selling Without Sleaze?

Well, the ads that you will have heard at the beginning of this podcast, which went live middle of last week and they’ve already been generating click-throughs and leads for us, which is really exciting. So I’ve put a special offer together for you and some of you are already taking that up. That’s brilliant news while worth doing, anybody who’s got a podcast would thoroughly recommend it. And also I’ve had help with the structuring of my podcast from a very, very helpful person called Colin Mitchell, who you will have seen, or you could have heard of in a historic podcast, there is an interview with him, where he is a super helpful person, a really decent human being and also quite a whizz when it comes to podcasts. So check that one out.

The audiobook – The Selling Without Sleaze International Bestseller is now available on Audible

Which is really exciting. It was written by me. It’s narrated by me, and I don’t know why, but I just got really excited being able to see that, I’m now a narrator on audible, who’d’ve thought it!

We moved the office back home a couple of weeks ago.

It wasn’t working for us at the site that we had. It wasn’t enough daylight, the actual organization admin sided the company that we were renting it off was a total pain, et cetera. The availability of meeting rooms, et cetera, just didn’t make any sense.

We moved it home, which we’re not aiming to do for a long period of time. It affects productivity for us and that work-life separation, but from a business point of view, we were keen to stop wasting money on something that just wasn’t working.

If it’s not working, why are you paying for it?

If you’re going to complain as much about something that you’re paying for as something that is included, then you might as well go with the included bit, so we have found new offices.

We’re hoping to be able to move in by the 1st of March, so super quick, which was what we were after. That was one of our requirements. We’re finalizing the last details on that, but we should be in the end of this week/beginning of next, all being well. 

We’re also finalizing the last details of the cold traffic funnel.

So I taught last week’s podcast update on what we are going to be doing with people who were already warmed up to the idea of doing selling in their business. And now we’re finalizing the details of people who are less switched on about doing sales. They’re either reluctant to do sales, as the title of my book, or they are looking for alternative solutions, alternative workarounds, and then going to get in front of them with “this approach can help you”.

This approach can reduce the amount of cold selling that you’re doing

And can get people so much more pre-sold, so we’re putting the finalizing touches to that, and then it will be built out at the end of this week, that will replace what was the funnel for the Selling Without Sleaze book, as far as cold traffic is concerned. So the structure is going to be there, for people which were more warmed up, but for cold people, we’re going to go down a different route. Now just goes to show you it’s not going to be just ticking the box and achieving things at the first attempt.

It takes trial and error. It takes different iterations to get it right.

Things can move on very, very quickly with your market. And if you find yourself being left behind and things no longer working, review it and have a look and see actually “what can I do differently?” My approach worked really well as a challenge, the world’s moved on since then, as far as the cost to get people into a challenge, et cetera, is concerned and so we’re looking at making the funnel into a more evergreen solution and therefore the messaging needs tweaking. It needs changing, and that’s what we are doing. 

We have a new offer, which is being tested, based on work that I’ve done with a client

On achieving a shorter workweek, whilst having a sustained amount of income at the end of the day, lots and lots of people now are looking to have that work-life balance.

They’re looking to manage their work and it not taking over their life, but having that sense of freedom and that’s what comes with having a decent income, but also having the time to use that money as you so want. And yes, the key learning that I wanted to share this week is to constantly check-in and sense check.

Don’t keep doing something if it’s not working.

That goes for product offerings, it goes for office space and business structure. If things aren’t working, don’t keep doing them just because you feel you have to just because you feel “I’ve made this decision, I’ve got to stick with it”.

Be constantly reviewing, be constantly tweaking, even the biggest corporations have a target that they set and then they’re setting a budget, which is a tweak to mount on the target because it’s just not happening. Okay. You’re better off to readjust than you are to keep going with something which could potentially cost you more money and time, which was obviously a super precious resource.

You need that determination to get to a specific place.

What are you aiming at here? What are you wanting to achieve? Does this approach still serve me? And if it’s not, then you need to know where you are going in order to sense check that, to figure out actually “am my on course for this or not?”.

So if it was to get you to take home one thing today, it’s to keep sense checking

Constantly be checking in and make sure you’re still on the right path. You’re still aiming towards what you want to be achieving. If what you want to achieve has changed, that’s brilliant, but then update that whole process and make sure you are on a new path that you need to be.

So that’s it for me guys this week. You’ve obviously got the sales-focused podcast episode on Thursday and I will look forward to speaking to you then.

Bye for now, Happy Selling!

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