Why You Should Review 2021

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The Business Benefits Of Looking Back & Reviewing The Last Year

(A podcast snippathon episode)


Welcome again to the Planning Snippathon! 

Today we are talking about reviewing 2021. 

I promise I’m going to keep this as succinct as possible. It’s all about reflecting and then moving on. Why should we do it? Well, we do it to take stock, to know where you are up to. And by understanding what went well, what went not so well, and what is still outstanding, because you know what, there is still time, we’re still in November. 

How do we review 2021?

Well, ideally, we look back at a plan for 2021. What did you plan to do in the last year? Review what has or hasn’t been achieved, and potentially why that hasn’t happened. Now, you know, there’s no point in blaming yourself and being harsh on yourself. It is what it is. But if you can understand “you know what, life took over”, then how can I make it so that life doesn’t take over again? Or how could I have handled it better to have less impact on these plans? 

I run my own business, and this is what I want to do. If life does take over, if somebody needs me, then I will drop stuff. All in all, it is what it is. Understand what’s gone wrong, or what’s gone right. Equally, if you don’t have a plan, and you are thinking “Oh, no, yeah, I should have really had a plan” Well, the first thing I’ve got to say is to get involved with the planning days that I have running. 

Don’t finish 2022 thinking “you know what, I should have done a plan, I should have had something that I was going off” 

Work out your milestones

If you do not have a plan, how do you know what your milestones are? How do you know what you’re achieving? How can you celebrate those achievements? Let’s look at the fun element of this, we can actually be pleased that we’re doing well, if you haven’t got an actual plan to look back on, then let’s have a look and review the year. How’s it gone? What have been the highs and the lows? What have you been pleased with? Why have those things happened? And what would you like to avoid happening again/what would you like to experience again? 

How to review 2021 if you don’t already have a plan

Again, sometimes circumstances are out of your control. But you can always look at what led up to that, and how you might be able to feed on those and tap into that resource again in a different way. Once you’ve done that, once you’ve got all these notes, once you’ve written it all down, put it in a well-labeled document, to refer to when planning or making plans, which we’re going to come on to in the next couple of blogs, we can then use that information, the great signposts for what to do next year. They are the foundations of your planning going forward to look at where you are now, look at how you’ve got here, look at what was going well, what wasn’t going well, and then look to replicate or avoid it in the following year. Building on what you already know, building on what you’ve already done is a really great way to do things. 


So that is it for today. Tomorrow we’re going to be talking about reviewing your long-term plans. And then all that’s left is to look at creating that plan for the next 12 months. 

I look forward to you joining me again in the next blog! 

Happy Selling

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