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Sarah is an International Speaker and No. 1 Best-Selling Author, simplifying the complex her conversational and warming approach from the stage connects with any audience.

She is reinventing the world of sales with her Selling Without Sleaze approach, based on over fifteen successful years of sales experience in the corporate and small business world. Her passion for sleaze free sales is infectious.

As a sales mentor she understands the importance of balancing customer and business needs to create a mutually beneficial relationship that will stand the test of time, whilst staying true to your own style and values.

Sarah now brings her expertise to the stage, inspiring audiences from across the world to sell with confidence, without the sleaze.

Most Popular Speeches

  • Selling Without Sleaze: Sell Your Own Way
  • Four Steps To The Business of Your Dreams
  • The Work Life Balance

As Seen At

Big Bonanza- Dan Meredith event, Balancing Business & Babies

The Awakening- Laura Powner event, Your Sales Chakra  

Aston University- practitioner lecture Selling Without Sleaze, The Follow Up

Talk Business- expert slot (online) Selling Through Any Storm

Business and Beyond Summit (online) 4 Fundamentals of Sales

A&M Events- Women in Business, London
4 Fundamentals Of Sales

Woman Who Event, Sandra Garlick MBE,  My Business Journey

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Sarah Jolley-Jarvis

Selling Without Sleaze