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Selling Without Sleaze is my way of putting what I know into a format where I can give it to others and support them in their sales journeys - wherever they might be. Find out how this can help you in your path to better business practices.

Mike Buontempo

CEO & founder

Client Accelerators

I've worked with Sarah and her husband over the past 18 months, the leaps and bounds that they've made in their agency has been incredible and one of the main reasons is because of how good they are at sales, how ethical they are. They know what they're doing. Sarah sells in a way where she's not pushy, gets her point across and actually gets them signing on the dotted line. 

Hayley Field

Founding Director

Food Ninja

Sarah has a unique way of quickly and easily understanding your business and helping you realise how to move to the next level, and the knowledge and experience to be able to guide you in this.  Her support ensured my business has continued to grow and develop, resulting in us helping over a quarter of a million children last year.  That simply would not have been possible without Sarah.

Carol Murdoch

Director & Tutor

Carol’s Tutoring

Case Study

Jade Parkinson-Hill


The live streaming classroom | STEAM school

I hadn't completed any sales training or mentoring before working with Sarah. Previously I relied on my charm and a very chaotic approach to selling. I look back at my sales approach before I met Sarah, and I honestly don't know how my business did so well.


During the summer of 2019 I grew my business organically to create enough revenue to fund the development of an edtech platform. Working with my tech partners and launching the platform took every ounce of my creative energy, and I made the classic bootstrapper mistake of neglecting my pipeline whilst in the development/launch phases. To be transparent, by the winter of 2019/2020, I was burnout, lost and ready to give up on it all.

As a creative person, I need a system for everything. Otherwise, I get distracted too easily. Sarah taught me a super sales system and how to create a healthy  pipeline. She also helped me to create a second income stream.

Working with Sarah has been transformative for me and my business. I can't recommend Sarah highly enough.

Dan Meredith

Entrepreneur & Business Mentor

Coffee with Dan

Shira Szabo DPhil (oxon)

Co-founding Director


Sarah gave me the tools and the confidence, to move out of academia and into practice. Enabling me to define myself in the industry of real estate and development, solidify my professional identity, present my unique capabilities and services to potential clients and to seek out opportunities to develop a new business. 

Selling the Sarah Jolley-Jarvis way is satisfying. My business has grown from following her approach, but also my confidence. It’s so good to make something that was so challenging fun - and profitable.

Phyllis Martin

Founder & Co-Director


Lisa Monger

Founder & Managing Director

Rebel Health

Venard Fong

When I want an unfair advantage over my competition and to make sales without any hint of scumminess and manipulation, I turn to Sarah.

In the short time I worked with Sarah, I had my two best ever months, consecutively. The lower month was 60% increase from my previous best...from a year ago.

Stephanie Harber 

Founder & Director

The Hairy Business

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Sarah Jolley-Jarvis

Selling Without Sleaze